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Saul Canelo AlvarezCanelo Alvarez and Amir Khan are set for a bout on May 7 in Las Vegas. This news has recently flourished on the boxing industry and has shocked not only the fans but the experts, too. The Canelo vs Khan showdown will be a huge fight on HBO’s pay-per-view.

The recent announcement has drawn different reactions from boxing fans around the globe. Some have raised eyebrows upon hearing that Canelo vs Khan will be marketed as a big fight. Some doubt that it will attract a million buys. Amir Khan has been making noise as a contender because of his excellent boxing skills. Khan is said to already be a big name in the industry but, is he really? Can he make a million fans watch him over pay-per-view?

Oscar de la Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions is the promoter for this upcoming Canelo vs Khan. Of course, de la Hoya is known to be very optimistic regarding sales of any fight he puts up. For this, he expects that it will draw more than one million sales. He believes that it will exceed Canelo vs Cotto that happened in November last year.

According to some, the million sales is far off reality. De la Hoya is a positive thinker and always wants to break records. But, his track record of promoting for the Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz bout last 2011 did not exceed anything.

Canelo vs Khan Fight

Can the Canelo vs Khan do a million buys? There is actually no guarantee for this. Well, maybe, there is hope, if it would be shown via Sky Box Office pay-per-view in UK or HBO pay-per-view in US. Canelo and Khan are still on the process of making their names remarkable in the industry.

The Cinco de Mayo weekend has been a tradition to many fans to buying a big boxing fight via pay-per-view regardless of who the contenders are. It is expected that fighters during this time are with big names and tremendous performance records.

Since 2007-2015 (except 2008), Cinco de Mayo weekend always has close to one million or more than a million sales for pay-per-view. The highest was last year’s most awaited Mayweather vs Pacquiao which was estimated at 4.4 million. The contenders during these years are Mayweather, de la Hoya, Pacquiao, Hatton, Mosley, Cotto, Guerrero and Maidana.

When Mayweather and Pacquiao both have fights with other contenders, it is expected to be huge. The de la Hoya vs Mayweather in 2007 made about 2.4 million sales. It was a great fight that fans embraced. The lowest so far among those years mentioned was in 2009 Pacquiao vs Hatton. It only drew around 850, 000 buys. This is somehow the same number that Cotto vs Canelo had last November. So, there is a hesitation if Canelo can shoot up the sales since it is believed that Cotto was the reason for its close to a million sales.

Today, with Canelo vs Khan, many say that it could not draw close to a million buys. Many doubts are circulating inside the industry. Experts say it is too early for the two to be able to gain million sales. The two have more to prove to themselves as well as to the fans.

amir khan

More questions lead as how Canelo can carry a pay-per-view worthy performance. During his fight against Cotto, it was an easy appearance for pay-per-view since Cotto had an incredible record. To this day, Khan is not considered a superstar just yet however, he claims that he cannot go out in the public (in the US) without people recognizing him.

Canelo somehow has an advantage over Khan in terms of pay-per-view sales because of his record in winning recently against Cotto. The heavier load is carried by Khan so, if he attracts more audience, he may be considered as the bigger star.

Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez Tickets

Currently, Khan is seen as the underdog for the upcoming match. Some fans even believe that the fight is a definite mismatch. When Canelo surprisingly beat Cotto, it boosted more confidence for Canelo. He is totally gaining more number of followers every after his victory.

Will Canelo vs Khan also bring a million sales? If this fight can bring in 750,000 buys, it is not that bad at all. This would somehow show that Canelo has the potential to sell millions in the coming years.

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