Amir Khan is sparring with Liam Smith

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Amir Khan is all bulked up and ready for the ultimate Canelo vs Khan showdown happening on May 7, a Cinco de Mayo special. Viewers are waiting for this battle as Khan takes on the bigger Canelo, WBC middleweight champion.

For a more intense preparation, Khan flew in Liam Smith, WBO light middleweight champion, for a sparring work to help Khan win against Canelo Alvarez. Khan’s development of his power punches still needs more sparring sessions to prove that he can hit Alvarez on the ring. Khan wants to make sure that every punch he throws would hit Alvarez hard. His punches are already known to be powerful but, Khan takes no room for mistakes. He does his best to improve it day-by-day.

amir khan game plan

In 2013, Khan and Smith already had a similar sparring work. At that time, Khan was facing Julio Diaz at 143 pounds bout. Khan recalled that he was still starting to make a name in his division. Today, it would be a very different story since Khan is believed to have improved greatly. Khan vs Diaz resulted in a win for Khan via unanimous decision.

“I think Liam will be surprised by what he sees from me this time”, Khan stated. By this time, Khan is bigger and stronger compared to their 2013 meeting. Khan is confident that Smith will be impressed with his tremendous improvement over the years. Khan is clearly serious about this fight and will do anything to win this. Khan must take advantage of this opportunity with Smith to intensify his power punches. This is one key to beating Alvarez so, he must give attention to this.

Liam Smith also has an upcoming fight against an unnamed opponent at the Echo Arena on June 4. This sparring session would certainly benefit both fighters enhance their punching power. Khan needs to strengthen his punches and assure that it would hit Alvarez hardly. This is one way he can beat Alvarez so, he needs to make sure he perfects this skill in the ring.

Meanwhile, Alvarez is known for being a strong and powerful boxer, not to mention he has the size advantage. For Khan, size wouldn’t really matter as he believes that his power and speed can win him the fight. Khan wants to shock the world with his win against Alvarez. But, of course, Alvarez would let him do that. He will definitely not give him an easy fight rather he promised to finish Khan in no time. As expected, this is going to be an exciting match.