Khan: I Know I can go into this Fight

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With less than a month before the fight of Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan, both fighters are still on the verge of training hard for the ultimate face off for the WBC Middleweight Championship on May 7 at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

The catch-weight is at 155 pounds, which Alvarez has a great advantage for he has fought this weight in his last few fights. Khan, on the other hand, needs to move up from being in the welterweight division. Khan needs more adjustments in terms of body weight while Alvarez continues with his body conditioning.

Khan believes that his power and speed will bring him the belt. He assures that in every punch he throws, Alvarez will feel it deliberately. Khan admits that he thought he might have a hard time on dealing with the catch-weight but, along the way, he simply achieved what he wants. He also gave importance on putting some muscles, which he thought was difficult. Now, he realizes that power and speed also plays a major role in every match. Coupled with rigorous training, Khan can now attest that he has indeed fulfilled to fighting in the said division.

Khan’s training with Virgil Hunter also boosted Khan’s confidence in winning the fight. In every training session, Hunter has seen many improvements from Khan’s power. Khan revealed that if he stays within their game plan, he can definitely grab the title and prove to everyone that he can do it.

It is evident that there is a great size difference between the two. Alvarez is bigger than Khan yet, Khan worked his way up for the fight. According to Khan, size won’t be a big factor in the fight. Previously, Manny Pacquiao was able to defeat the heavier Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. won against Alvarez. These are examples that smaller guys can win the fight and it’s not always about the size.

It is also not about the weight so, smaller guys always have a shot at winning it. Winning in boxing is about the overall skills, especially during the fight inside the ring. More than anything else, it is important to have discipline in every training session.Of course, one should be fully prepared to properly execute the game plan.

“I know I can go into this fight”, Khan expressed. Khan believes that he is more gifted than Alvarez. Khan revealed that fighting smartly can bring him a long way in his boxing career.

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