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The shocking announcement of the Canelo vs Khan showdown recently has gained several mixed reactions. Many believe that the fight is a total mismatch. Others praise Khan for being brave for fighting Canelo. Moreover, several experts consider the match a ripoff for Khan.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., former WBC middleweight champion, even calls the fight an “embarrassment” to the boxing world. There is a total weight difference. The pair will be fighting at 155 in Las Vegas on May 7. This is the first title defense for Canelo since winning the middleweight belt against Miguel Cotto. The emerging winner will then be facing Gennady Golovkin.

Khan has only fought 147 as his heaviest weight match. He is also known to fighting in the lightweight division. On the other hand, Canelo has the advantage as a middleweight fighter. Chavez Jr. thinks that this match is made for Canelo for another title win.

Former world champion Shane Mosley also expressed his doubt about the Canelo vs Khan battle. According to him, Canelo has power, size and weight advantage, leaving Khan open to a harmful defeat. Khan has also been away from the ring for quite some time since May last year while Canelo is fresh from a win over Cotto last November.

Meanwhile, retired boxer Matthew Hatton said Canelo will be too strong and too big for Khan. “I hope Amir can win the fight and it would be great for British boxing to have one of our boxers beat such a big name”. Of course, he wants to see Khan beating down Canelo however, he thinks it will be very tough fro Khan. Hatton honestly thinks that Khan may give Canelo injury during the fight but, bringing home victory is just off the track.

Hatton and Canelo met in an action-filled match in 2011. Hatton lost to the younger Canelo via unanimous decision. Having experienced the loss, Hatton openly expressed how Khan may suffer the same fate. Khan

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Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan previous fights

On the other hand, four-time super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch believes Khan has the ability to overcome Canelo. Khan has to make adjustments but, Froch thinks he can definitely fulfill the duty of bringing Canelo down. As of now, Khan deserves all the respect he can get from his fans. It will be a huge risk but, people like Froch, has a positive outlook for Khan.

“If Khan uses his speed and his range and stays on his toes for the full 12 rounds, he has a real chance.” This was a positive statement for Khan to win against Canelo. Most analysts have said their piece of opinion and they are sure that Canelo will win the Cinco de Mayo weekend fight.

Virgil Hunter, Khan’s trainer, will be responsible for the boxer’s physical workout. Amir’s father, Shah, said that Hunter is now preparing for all the work needed to be done for Amir’s muscle build up. Amir has a good reach and physical stand so, there would not really be a problem in the physicality.

Khan’s camp revealed that they are going to take a look back at the Canelo vs Mayweather in 2013. This gave Canelo his first defeat via unanimous decision. Of course, they would look into the bigger picture as to how both Canelo and Mayweather performed during every round of the fight. After viewing the fight, Khan and Hunter observed how Canelo looked when he lost.

Khan and Hunter are coming up with good strategies on how to defeat Canelo. As days go by, they are contributing to the factors of winning the upcoming fight. Khan may be the underdog for the fight but, he promised to put up a good fight. He wants Canelo to be defeated under his hands. A win by Khan could definitely bring him far in the future.

Khan observed how movement in the ring can help one win the battle. Of course, it has to be paired with excellent boxing skills to be able to bring down an opponent. Khan looks forward to the showdown with Canelo. Because of the doubts for Khan, he is even more determined to continue his training vigorously.

Canelo is currently holding a 48-1-1 record while Khan holds a 31-3. Both have various styles in boxing so, a match inside the ring could make or break it.